I didn’t Become a Singer for Money or Fame – Who_is_Sudan

Nigeria/America Pop and R&B singer Who_is_Sudan on a interview with NaijaEverything said neither money nor fame is the reason why she become a singer and also talks about what inspired her to sing and some other things.

Sudan as a name isn’t really a common name that’s everywhere,people do doubt if Sudan is really her name or not,so the interview started wth

NaijaEverything:Is Sudan really your name?

Who_is_Sudan: Oh, Yes, Sudan is my real name.

NaijaEverything:What led you into music? Why not other things?

Who_is_Sudan:I don’t know, I just always love music, although i also have other things too, but music is the strongest out of all of other things i really love doing.

NaijaEverything:When did you start your music career?

Who_is_Sudan:I started muisc when i was quite young, I started music when i was 11 years of age and have been doing good till now.

NaijaEverything:What Inspired you to do Music?

Who_is_Sudan:Uhm, My mum I’d say, when she was little she also wanted to be  a musician, but i guess she didn’t have the support that i had, so i wanted to do things she wasn’t able to accomplish, and apart from that have always want to do music.

NaijaEverything:Why do you love being a musician? For it’s Fame or Money?

Who_is_Sudan:No, no, no, i sincerely and genuinely love music, regarded of anything I’d still be doing music. It’s not for the fame or for the money, I really love music as it is.

NaijaEverything:Are you dropping any song soon?

Who_is_Sudan:I have a whole lot of song to release, but i don’t think I’d release any of them anytime soon,but am just going to surprise my fans.

NaijaEverything:Tell Us about your Debut Track!

Who_is_Sudan:Okay? Move a  Body was my first track, and i think it’s so nice because i spent a lot of time working on it.

NaijaEverything:Move A Body or What A Feeling which is your favourite?

Who_is_Sudan: Ouch, that’s hard! It’s so hard to say because both of them are good music and i think i like them equally!

But i do listen to what a feeling more often because it’s “relaxed” and you can listen to it any where and at anytime, but Move a body is a kind of “I wanna dance kind of music”.

NaijaEverything:Which of the artist are you planning to work with?

Who_is_Sudan:Any artist who i can work with, but i like Tiwa Savage, i like Olamide, Orezi, Oritse Femi, Wizkid and many others. There are other great artist everywhere, so I’d work with any of them.

NaijaEverything:Are you scared for the music Industry?

Who_is_Sudan:Not really, am focused and determined, so I don’t think i have to be scared.Am ready!

NaijaEverything:What’s your “Big Next Step”?

Who_is_Sudan:The big next step i wanna make?? Awww,i think am just gonna keep that to myself, because i want it to be a surprise, and i don’t wanna say anything yet.

NaijaEverything:Are you coming down to Nigeria to do Music?

Who_is_Sudan:Of course, but that will be after am through with studying.Education always comes first!

NaijaEverything:Do you have any awards yet??

Who_is_Sudan:Yeah, I do. I just won the “Best Upcoming Artist”award at the Africa Entertainment Awards.

NaijaEverything:How did you feel having your first award??

Who_is_Sudan:I was extremely stunned and happy, it gave me courage that i could do more, that i could be the best artist Africa have ever produced.

NaijaEverything:What Messages do you have for other upcomings artist?

Who_is_Sudan:They should just keep doing their thing, everything is possible!

Download her New Music: What a feeling HERE


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