I love my long neck – Naomi Mac

The petite and strong female vocal artist Naomi Mac who won the fifth episode of popular reality television program, Nigerian Idols in 2014, is finding her way ion the music industry. Ever since she won in 2014, Naomi has released several singles alongside her new single with YBNL artist Adekunle Gold. In an interview with Naij.com, Naomi opened up on her music, childhood, fashion among others. You recently released a new video ‘My Heart’ featuring Adekunle Gold, what informed? I got Adekunle Gold through his manager with the help of my boss. For the song, I decided to work with that love at first sight kind of concept because it is like a lot of people tend to love in a very funny way and I understood love in my own way so I decided to express my understanding of love. Why I chose Adekunle Gold, I needed someone whose sound is really similar to the sound of the song and Adekunle Gold has been my friend for a very long time so I had him listen to the song and then he liked it and I thought after listening to his own music he has released so far Shade, Orente and so on I thought he was right for the song, the sound was so perfect for the song and all I guess I made the right choice. What has been the comment from people since you released the song? It has been really nice I was actually surprised at the reception because after winning Nigerian idols in 2014, I did got signed into a label that seem to be one of my major release and the response quite interesting it was very encouraging. READ ALSO: Nigerian men have forgotten how to woo women – Ara Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Adekunle Gold and Naomi Adekunle Gold and Naomi Will you say the stand you are now in the entertainment industry is as a result of what you have learnt in the academy while at Nigerian idol? Sure I learnt a lot from Nigerian idol and I also have some personal experience that right now I am still learning a lot from my current record label and all this put together has really sharpened my life entirely from my carrier to my music and my sound. Any plans for 2016? Well for me of course I am going to release more singles and I am going to release my album too. So I am working on my album as well and it is going to drop this year. Who are you likely to feature? I have couple of artists I will love to feature and my label also has a surprise for everyone, so we all just going to say one female international act will feature on it, am not going to tell you her name but also wait for it Music for you how did you all started? It started at the age of 7, well I didn’t just start singing in my mother womb, I started officially at the age of 7 in my church that was after my sister started singing, I joined them so we had a group. We will still be doing something’s together soon though and then after like 10 years singing together with them they went ahead to do some other stuff, went to school and when I was through with school but I wanted to continue the music full time so I went for Nigerian idol in 2011 and after it I started solo career fully so it has been like 4 to 5 years. Aside being a music artist, who is Naomi Mac? Naomi is a stylist, fashion designer and hairstylist and an actor, thespian a theater practitioner Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Naomi Naomi How will you define your style? Simply gorgeous, it has to be Ankara prints it has to be something that has to do with Africa somehow. READ ALSO: You are a failed artist – DJ blasts Davido So how do you feel when you read negative story about you or peoples bad comment about you? There is always something good in every comment. Recently, I read one comment on Linda Ikeji saying “why is her neck his long?” and I was just like well that is because I am a model I had to pick something good from it because the truth is this is what they feel it is ok to express yourself. I really do appreciate every sincere comment it is only going to make me better but as for my my long neck I love it and it’s really pretty. What will you say is the unique selling point? Like I said before it is my stature and my voice so a lot of people will say I am too small but on the other hand, I am also mighty. It is an addition am really happy for that.
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