Interview: I do not have a Mentor – Emeka

Nnaemeka Isreal Nwabueze aka “Emeka” has been making waves in the Music Indfustry with his “Industry Diary” collection (2012, 2013, 2014 and now 2015), he had also worked with top artist with the likes of Ditweni, Sammy Gyang, Cobhams and Wole Oni to mention a few. He has also made hit singles like “Monster” and “Birthday” 

NaijaEverything: What Led you into the Muisc Industry?

Emeka: The love for music inspired me to sing, got my music inspiratipon from Edris and Tony Montana, although i wouldn’t say that they are my mentors. I don’t have a mentor but i only have people i love listening to.

NaijaEverything: How are you coping with the “Clumsy” Music Industry?

Emeka: Well, they are a lot of artist out there, and i can still say “they aren’t enough artist” because i think the Music Industry is wide enough for every artist to express themselves in which ever way. I have my own style of making music and so does every other artist, i think i have all the “materials” and criteria of being in the Industry, so i don’t have to be scared of competitions as long as i do good music.

NaijaEverything: What’s going to make you outstanding in the Music Industry?

Emeka: If you’ve listened to my music, you’d know how hard i try to make my music different and special from what other artist does. I can’t do music that has been done or related to what other artist have done, to be sincere, you wouldn’t listen to my song and say “Oh, that sounds like “Someones” music. Never! I always have my “Emeka” kind of music.

NaijaEverything: What Inspired you to make the song “Industry Diary”?

Emeka: I use to listen to an American rapper (Quills), I kept listening to his song, because i like the way he played with his words, and fortunately i also like playing with words. Then, i thought of making an “Industry Year Book” and i named it “Industry Diary”

NaijaEverything: The “Diary” for 2015 was your first “Industry Diary”?

Emeka: No, I made the first “diary” for 2012 and then 2013 where i was called Chibuzo before changing my name to Emeka, and then I made the “diary” for 2014 and 2015.

NaijaEverything: Which artist do you look forward to work with?

Emeka: I’d work with every artist that are open to be worked with, because i think all the artist out there make good music.

NaijaEverything: Which award do you look forward to win?

Emeka: Of course i’d want to win  every award including the Grammy which is every artist dream.

NaijaEverything: What’s your next biggest step?

Emeka: It’s classified! I wanna make it a surprise for my fans, i like surprising them.

NaijaEverything: What’s your message for other upcoming artist?

Emeka: They should always be focused, works towards thier talents and always put God first.


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