You are a failed artist – DJ blasts Davido

On Friday, February 26, Davido’s cousin Bayo Adeleke (B-Red) went on snapchat to threaten to beat up fast rising music artist and rapper Yung6ix. In defense of the young artist, popular Disc Jockey DJ Timmy fires back at Davido saying, he is a failed artist. In B-red’s snapchat video to the ‘cucumber’ crooner Yung6ix, he threatened to beat him as well as his crew. He said: “First of all, Yung6ix if i see you, I’m fu*king going to beat your ass. I’m going to F*ck you and your crew up, you understand. You are wearing a fake chain, You are F*cking broke.” READ ALSO: B-red deletes video after threatening to beat Yung6ix However in a bid to defend Yung6ix, baddest DJ Timmy took to his Instagram page posting a picture of Davido and B-Red with the caption: “Scientists are looking for ways to cure cancer while @Bredhknis looking for ways to trend. You failed as an artiste so you had to be downgraded to the level of a Video vixen and Backup singer!! @Yung6ix is King of the South, while you are the King of Snapchat!! If you come for my man 6ix, I will come for your whole squad starting from Davido and spill some juicy gist for @officiallindaikeji!! You say he’s broke but has he sent you a message asking for food money? Alabi Yellow stay on your lane and don’t fuck with my Team Kktbm because we will hit you hard!! Tell @davidoofficial to stop sleeping with prostitutes without a condom and Get @Danagoghkn A stylist, Makeup artiste, song writer and new Life!! The back sit is where you will always belong FUCKBOY.” See post below: Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Davido
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