AVOID this if you usually cum too early

Not being able to control when you climax during sex can be frustrating to both you and your partner, especially when you cum too early.

It takes some time for a woman to achieve orgasm and if the man is not on board until this happens, then she might be left feeling flat and sexually frustrated.

If you are having trouble keeping things in, it might be because you are having sex in these two positions below.

1. Doggy Style:

Doggie style sex position play Doggie style


This is a terrible idea for men who want to last longer in bed. This position puts you in total control and this is not ideal. You get to choose the depth, frequency and timing of thrusts so it gives such a power rush that could easily overtake you. Also, having her behind face you this way could easily put you over the edge. No man struggling with premature ejaculation should try this.

2. Missionary:

missionary sex Missionary sex position

The fact that you are in total control comes into play here. Missionary sex is the oldest, and still one of the hottest sex position for a reason. Keeping eye contact with her, her being able to touch/stimulate your erogenous zones while you thrust and you being able to see the the look of ecstasy on her face will easily cause you to lose control if you are already prone to.

Avoid these moves in bed as you work on holding on a little longer during sex.


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