I Predicted Ocholi’s Death, Now am Predicting El-Rufai’s Death – Popular Pastor | Watch Video


Founder of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleiman who foresaw and predicted the death of the Minister state for Labour, James Ocholi, has sent a strong message to the Kaduna state governor, Malam Nasir El-Rufai over the current persecution of Christians going on in the state.


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  • Ibrahim Hamid

    Who are you, Mr. So-called Pastor? You are not the giver of life and death! Your kind are just so caustic and inciting! El-Rufai has not done anything to warrant such comment and malafide bad wish against him merely by his trying to sanitize his State by all possible means!

  • You are very stupid, fake poster. Useless receiver, preaching rubbish.Haha……

  • altine daniel

    This our pastors na wa o! When you are suppose to talk you won’t! I didn’t hear your voice when BH was ravaging the churches!Now our gov is trying to sanitize the state you are saying you predict death! El Rufai will not die, but live to sanitize kaduna state IJN amen

  • Atari Ekom

    I believe in Voice of d Lord God Almighty, thru His Servant (Apostle Johnson) you’re the truly a Massager of Christ Jesus & I pray for more God’s Grace upon our life!

  • Elashiku okuba

    God is a patient God. He has kept silent enough. Whether El-rufai likes it or not Jesus is lord and can fight for himself. We don’t need to take physical fight to him. Praise God.

  • Atari Ekom

    I believe in Voice of d Lord God Almighty, thru His Servant (Apostle Johnson) you’re truly a Massager of Christ Jesus & I pray for more God’s Grace upon our lives!.Christianity is for the salvation of mankind and not destructions of lives/properties, nobody can fight Christians! Man of God, speedily drive inn!

  • emrka linus

    Those who call persecution on christains (sanitizing ) kadunna state. The Lord will judge you all for fighting the church of God. And it will come on you speedily

  • Blessed are those that listens and obey the voice of God,for they shall be saved.course and death be unto those who rejects God and his commandments for they shall be perished our Lord is great.

  • blessing Williams

    WRITE SOMETHING…Upon this rock I shall build my church and the gate of hell shall not prevail against it.the rage of darkness against the church of God is to much and we need men of God like apostle Johnson Suleiman, that can demonstrate the power of God without fear or favour. man of God, God bless you.keep doing the good work of the lord.

  • og

    yes he can not fight GOD and live.

  • Idakwo Emmanuel

    The duty of every man is to fear God and reference him. Men who oppose God never survive it.Herod did not survive it, pharoah did not survive it. You doubt because you don’t know the power of God. May God bring you to a personal encounter in the name of Jesus. Amen

  • Anonymous

    Are u a prophet of doom? Because u v never prophesied any good thing before. Now that u have shown ur wish to kill him, u can now go ahead to plan his death so that your prophesy can come to pass.

    • Amos Kajang

      WRITE SOMETHING…Christiana Wl Neva Die It Wl Coutinue To Exist Til Christ Come No One Can Stop Us.Let Islam Go To Hell.

  • Anonymous

    Any person that thinks he would fight the Church of God in Nigeria will definitely meet with the wrath of God

    • Anonymous

      Hadejia and others that are running their mouth, my candid advice to you is to shut that little mouth of yours. Don’t bring curses upon your miserable life and that of your entire generation. That a prophet whose words are law in the side of God. Advice: even just start praying for forgiveness, if not your story may be terrible. Gov el rufai, sanitize your state with your knowledge of architecture but leave spiritual things alone. May God grant you wisdom

  • MYKuta

    The Bible did not teach any one of us to wish any other being bad luck less to say death but pray for the person to repent. I wonder where these new generation Pastor and his cohorts learn to wish people even our leaders death instead of prayers. Pls, we shouldn’t disgrace ourselves by doing things against the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Dauda Abubakar

    Was Yakowa also fighting christains when he had a plane crash and or Danbaba suntai of Taraba. Death is not a purnishment for not working for God or vice versa. Every mortal on earth must taste of death at the appointed time. No fake pastor will cause anybodies death. No theat will desuade him from the sanity he’s bringing to the state.

  • Adam

    Death is nt a punishment. Coz both good n bad pple die.

  • Muhammad Jamiu

    May the lord forgive the bad wishers

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