I Will Kill Buhari and The Chief Of Army If They Dare The Will Of PDP – Gov Nyesom Wike


“Let the chief of army staff come on Saturday to dare the will of the PDP and let’s see if he will go back home alive”

“Buhari as a Fulani President, can not take any security decision without my consent and if he does,I will personally send him to his ancestors”
“People of Ikwerre LGA if you see Amaechi in your polling unit, beat him up or kill him because he is no longer a Governor’

By governor Nyesom Wike.

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  • Bello Mohammed modu

    Hmmmm mr wike dis is nt expected from u as a leader nd also dnt forget u ar part nd parcel of d legal minded once

  • Anonymous

    And U A Nt A Good Journalist, That Is If U Are Even One! How Can U Refer To Him As Cursed In Your Write-Up. U All Want To Own A Blog When U Don’t Know Ways Of Presenting Things Without Sentiment’ And Being Bias.

  • akin

    The writer’s concluding paragraph has already shown that the story was fabricated. Poor write-up!

  • Anonymous

    Mr poster, is dat y u shld refer to him in dat manner? Senseless post from a Senseless poster

  • Anonymous

    propaganda in its crudest form.

  • Mohammed kabir Abba

    Mr wike Remember both of them are Generals And Army .may be you are drunk by that time


    WRITE SOMETHING…As for me he is a full and very big idiot in did, a good leader will never ever kill ok. only Almighty Allah will help us.

  • Uzochukwu Malachy Eze

    WRITE SOMETHING…I don’t know why some people can not mind their businesses and stop creating negative impression about Governor Wike whom I know to be responsible and law abiding. Social media platform is not an avenue for anyone to paint his political opponent black simply because he is against the incumbent. As far as am concerned, Wike is competent and I wish him all the best.

  • You guys are very stupid. Every body must not be puppets to the Federal Govt. Fuck APC!!! Woke ride on

  • Anonymous

    WRITE SOMETHING…he’s a very stupid man

  • Anonymous

    This wrong as u leaders like U thay talk nonsense this is ur think if you torch what is next to u

  • WRITE SOMETHING…this wrong as u leaders like U thay talk nonsense this is ur think if you torch what is next to u

  • Adi

    If this write up is really true from Governor Nyeson Wike, then he should be called to order before it becomes something else please….

    • Anonymous

      U speak well:Wike has never raised voice this way,something must be wrong somewere.

      • ANONYMOS! I AGREE WITH ALL YOUR ALL COMMENTS! I AM 101 % APC!!! AND SAI BABA FOREVER IN SHA ALLAHU!!! I Know Gov Wike Very Well, Very Intelligent! A Democrat, A Nationalist! He Is Always Guided And Respectful! He Can Never Make Such A Stupid Comment Even If He Is Drunk! Wike Can Never Descend Like My 5 Years Old Boy And Make Such Comment! Forget The Difference Between P D P And A P C! Wike And Buhari Have A Very Cordial Relationship! Thanks! ANONYMOS!

  • mohammed ahmed

    this write u is not true.pls people should report what will bring unity not hatred among our peolple.

  • Emmanuel Agba

    Hmmmmm, is that what we want to pass on to the next generation? God will nvr let such be..a leader is meant to rule and make peace. Not for distruction. Nigeria will revive again…. Amen

  • ibi

    is this really true?

  • Anonymous

    I remembered during presidential election we recieved so much trait from so called candidates there was nothing done on it, now all of r comentinng nonsense. There is no corward like some of u. But Wike should mind his speech. This not PDP government it is APC

  • Anonymous

    He won’t say that. I need to see a visual evidence to believe this story. He knows what it means to publicly declare that he will kill the president. He won’t say that. Watch out, the press is at it again.


    Most of the times we allow our narrow, selfish interests to becloud our objective judgement. People are loosing precious lives, people are loosing their dear ones, all because of the political interests of a handful, yet some people are sticking blindly to their blind support for individuals. This is most inhuman and devilish. May God intervene in Rivers and let peace reign. Ameen.

  • Hafiz Jibril

    If truly the governor made such ignorant statements,then he needs to see a doctor and at the same time be impeach from his position. A normal human being cannot make such statement to hearing of the public. To be Frank and candid with u,Wike needs medical check up!!

  • Anonymous

    it only takes an idiot to fabricate such post, and also an equal idiot to comment insultively to someone DAT never said such as a learned man, God will always punish those sponsoring problems and killings and those supporting them even here in media. Weda the president or governor. the killings are much, deaths every wiq, and we are here supporting and fighting ourselves. shame

  • mistake ibrahim

    wike u totally made a mistake the u never do in you life i am sure made genar tukur buratai will handle U zaman lafiya dole

  • murtala ibrahim

    wike u totally made a mistake the u never do in you life i am sure made genar tukur buratai will handle U zaman lafiya dole

  • anonymous

    I am not sure the Governor was quoted rightly knowing the implications of such statement. Elections should not be a do or die affair for God’s sake.

  • Anonymous

    I Dont believe he made such comment, he is a learned man. but any man who plans indirectly or directly to steal other people’s rights is a criminal and should be treated like criminal, no matter who he is, Army general or commander in chief, they should go to hell if they try to cheat.



  • wike must be stupid he don’t even poshest to be a river state governor let him remember 2015 when he was a minister by Then weather wike like or no ameshi pas him with everything mumu governor


    if you know his antecedents then you won’t be surprised. he is about to fall by exposing himself. it shows how desperate he wanted power now he has gotten it he is scared of having APC in the house so avoid impeachment since the supreme court granted his prayers.

  • Anonymous

    Nyesom Wike direly deserves a psychiatric attention, and it is urgent. Una still de look am?

  • Phil

    The writer of this post is senseless such can not come out of my amiable governor so go and have a rethink



  • Eddy

    This post is full of lies,wike did not say that,I know u want ur blog to grow…,but it shouldn’t be this way.

  • Anonymous

    Wen buhari said he was going to make Nigeria ungovernable for Goodluck who said a word?

  • Moses

    Don, t think WIke made such comment but if he did he will be term a disgrace to himself, the legal profession and the PDP…and I will further recommend that he is admitted to a mental hospital and checked out properly …

  • Anonymous

    God help you to kill this mad presdent idiot…

  • Abdulrrashed Abdullahi

    God help you to kill this mad presdent idiot…

  • Anonymous

    Governor you are wrong in this one, you are an elected official, you should mind your words, it matters. The are many way to disagree with the ruling party, treating to kill a current president or anyone for that matter is not one of them. I have criticized Prez Buhari many times because of his policies but treating to kill him is not acceptable. Your word is reckless and can insight riot which may lead to lost of some innocent citizens.

  • Anonymous

    correct Hafiz jibril he need medical check up..hahhaahah

  • Genesis lgbadiwei

    l love PDP in River steta.

  • mohammed kyari

    I think this man is mad he should be taken to hospital

  • mohammed

    well my friends u responded very OK but my worried is about the publisher,pls what is the genuinety of the source of these publish. apart from it governor wine is a honourable that is at front line in knowing what’s it and who to have and by who its suppose to came from,I believed he better what’s takes to be in that position of Mr President in Africa and Nigeria in specific.

  • Musa Usman

    Wike is my man. He spoke the truth. Amaechi has no right to move from one poling boot to another. After casting his vote, he should go and sleep in his house or go back to his APC secretariat for rest.

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